As part of the call for Euroregion and Creative Europe – Cooperation Projects, The Spur / ETACEC 16-18 project is launching a second selection process for European artists from a member state of the European Union to take part in its artist-in-residence programme.


Grants are being offered for 12 artists in residence to carry out research work with particular emphasis on working and creative processes. The international professional with expert mentor residency will last two months or eight weeks and will take place in one of the network’s centres.

2017 – From the 2nd October to the 30th November 2017 in Albi, Palma, Girona, Roma, Bratislava or Montpellier.

2018 – From the 1st February to the 30th March 2018 in Albi, Palma, Girona, Roma, Bratislava or Montpellier.

Artists can apply for both periods.

Interested visual artists should send their CV, a summary of their artistic trajectory, proposed project, details of related activities with different audiences and a methodology for documenting the creative process. Visual artists should also list three centres and residency spaces in order of preference.


Visual artists of legal age from a member state of the European Union.


Each artist will be awarded a 3,200€ grant to cover allowances for research, subsistence expenses, and travelling expenses (including taxes).

Deadline for presenting projects

The deadline for receiving projects is the 31st May 2017 inclusive.

Announcement of decision

The jury’s decision will be made public before 13th July 2017 on the project website and also on the websites of The Spur’s partners.


The Spur ETACEC 16 18 2nd Open Call_ENG