Visual artists from will be offered a grant to carry out research work in residencies in Albi, Bratislava, Girona, Montpellier, Palma de Mallorca, Rome.


The European project The Spur has selected six visual artists to carry out research work in residency with particular emphasis on working and creative processes. The international professional residencies with expert mentoring will last two months and will take place in one of the network’s centres. Selected artists are:


The project is set to be developed for two years (2016-2018) and is aimed at creating a European cooperation network focused fundamentally on the field of visual arts. Its two key objectives are developing innovative projects that increase the professional capacities and the transnational mobility of creators, as well as implementing transnational co-management processes.

The Spur is a project aimed at creating a European cooperation network made up of seven cultural organisations that function on a local and international scale as cultural operators. Lead by Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre of Girona, the project includes as well Le Lait Contemporary Art Centre of Albi (France), the Bureau des Arts et des Territoires of Montpellier (France), Fundació Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Palma (Mallorca), Sputnik Oz of Bratislava (Slovakia), Fondazione per l’Arte of Rome (Italy) and the Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranean.