The Spur Action1 Exploration

Artist spaces as seeds for professional and social urban renewal. Creation of resources for artistic research, occupational resources / socio-economic revitalization / local regeneration / international mobility. Receive the training of agents or companies that have experienced methodologies and have executed projects of this kind and putting together strategies aimed at obtaining the complementary support necessary in each of the places where it is implemented (joint efforts, back-up support, alliances…). Put together and bespoken intervention, designed in the territory itself by agents of the territory, since we believe that this formula will make the action feasible (it is undertaken as an initiative created in the place and for the place).

The action addresses the following diagnosis:

  • Low mobility and marked localization of the artists
  • Need to provide tools for artistic creation in order to achieve an improvement in professional profiles, greater financial autonomy and stronger links to the community as a whole
  • The wish to change the way in which cultural activity is promoted by highlighting its potential for socio-economic transformation on the basis of creativity.
  • Structural trend (on several territorial levels, from local to European) towards the incorporation of cultural activities in socio-economic and urban regeneration dynamics
  • Establishment of a public-private international network.
Action 1. Exploration
Management: Bureau des Arts et Territories
Team: Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani. Girona and Fondazione per l’arte
Location: Montpellier, Girona, Palma de Mallorca, Albi, Rome and Bratislava