Exploratory Study at Villa Mimosa, near to the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts 

by Mr. & Mr. Studio

The Study presented here considers the prospection of a 1940’s house located at the end of the lot of the fine arts school of Montpellier (ESBAMA). This is a strategic location because of its high potential inside the school and the city. To this day, Villa Mimosa is used as a storage place and has been regularly vandalized before being walled up. On the basis of this site, Mr. & Mr. Studio have initiated a methodology with several scales of approach, an in and out process; the idea is to bring with the different actors and possible elements an external vision to guarantee a distance. Mr. & Mr. approach is a reflection tack of experimentation in motion. It comes from already existing practices both local and generic, but it suggests new typologies of work defined according to the progress and after the launch of a future project.

Some of the feasibility options for the Study establish that nationally and internationally Villa Mimosa would be part of the MoCo and would be directly integrated into their communication strategy, as well as under their artistic and educational management. So, the MoCo team would oversee production, dissemination, promoting, training and audience accompaniment. At the local level, the Villa Mimosa would be managed by an association and would have to operate on a mixed economy model, with a share of own revenues based on Mr. & Mr.’s operating proposal: associative profit, and on public and private subsidies (sponsorship, cultural patronage). This typology of management can be considered as a form of cultural decentralization, based on dialogues and enriching partnerships between the associative initiative, the state and local authorities.

Villa Mimosa, would be a place dedicated to the artists, to the accompaniment of production of works and exhibitions. Each artist will develop its mission with singularity and according to its identity, anchoring his action in the territory. The prospected place would be a veritable laboratory of experimentation and artistic mediation for creators as well as for the public, an institution of national ambition, even international, the residence Villa Mimosa, post-diploma for confirmed artists, would intend to be a future essential place of exhibition, creation, diffusion and formation of EPCC MoCo in Montpellier.

This developed Exploratory Study in Montpellier suggests a series of actions to perform at Villa Mimosa with the aim of obtain a place dedicated to artists.

Exploratory Study Montpellier

Read the English language version of the complete project here and/or the French language version here.