The Spur magazine-catalogue

An international digital magazine will be produced using the content generated by the project, of which two editions will be published, one for each year. It is neither a website nor a blog but rather another type of medium that functions rather like a publication. We have called it a dynamic publication.

The reading (viewing) experience of one of these magazine-catalogues is similar to that of apublication but with the distinctive feature of its digital capacity, through which contemporary communications resources can be harnessed much more effectively: embedding of links, videos, films, sound files, etc., all of which help produce an augmented reality.

We call it a magazine due to its periodicity, elasticity and variety of content. We call it a catalogue due to its capacity to structure and show, and due to the fact that it may contain information materials, documentation or even digital exhibitions.

The magazine-catalogue will share the project title: The SpurIt will be published annually during the execution of the Creative Europe project.

The Spur book-catalogue

At the end of the project it is planned to publish a high quality book-catalogue that will showcase the work carried out of the course of the two-year project. A print run of 2.000 copies is planned in order to distribute it internationally through specialised distribution media to art centres and specialised bookshops.